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The cost for a large-sized canvas print can start from $200, with final pricing depending on factors such as size, canvas type, framing, and shipping. On the other end of the spectrum, small-sized canvas prints can start as low as $20, providing an affordable solution for filling blank wall spaces with vibrant art. For substantial areas like a two-story loft or office reception, we recommend seeking expert advice for a precise quote.

Indeed, as a proud Canadian enterprise, we maintain a steadfast commitment to producing all our work in-house. This enables us to uphold stringent quality standards across all our products.

We accept image files in .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG, or .GIF formats, with a maximum file size limit of 60 MB.

We offer a wide range of sizes for canvas prints and can even accommodate custom size requests. Starting from compact 4×4 cm prints to medium options ranging from 8×10 cm to 20×20 cm, and large-scale prints beginning at 20×20 cm, going all the way up to an impressive 100×75 cm for a striking impact.

We strive to process orders within 24 hours, typically delivering a framed canvas print to your doorstep within 3-5 business days, anywhere in Canada. We also cater to urgent needs, offering expedited shipping for delivery within 1-2 business days.


The beauty of canvas prints lies in their versatility. From abstract art and modern designs to family photos, inspirational quotes, landscapes, maps, and more, your creative possibilities are boundless.

There are several ways to display your canvas print, and the process is straightforward. You can use a nail, install a sawtooth bracket, attach an eye or J-hook, or simply employ adhesive strips to mount your canvas print (framed or unframed) on your wall.

Our canvas prints are crafted using UV-resistant, HP solvent-free ink that aids in preventing color fading over time. For added protection, we suggest placing the print in a location away from direct sunlight or behind a protective glass frame.

Our canvases are crafted from a unique blend of cotton and polyester, which ensures a museum-grade finish while also boasting durability and easy maintenance.

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